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We currently have seven resident elephants with us at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary, but with volunteer funds and donations, we hope to return more elephants to the forest soon. Our elephant family spans four generations, and you can explore their inspiring stories below. If you're interested in making a meaningful contribution to help keep them in the forest, consider sponsoring our elephants today. Your support is instrumental in our mission.

Too Meh

Too Meh is our oldest elephant. She is in her early 60s and spent her younger days working in the logging industry. When logging was banned in 1989, due to the lack of forest and food available, she was brought to work in the tourist camps where she spent her life entertaining tourists. She spent about 20 years giving elephant rides with a howdah, the iron saddle that is put on their back to carry tourists and gives many elephants back problems. Now, she is free to spend her days in the forest, roaming, foraging and interacting with her daughter & grand-sons.

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Mae Doom

Mae Doom, in her late 20s, is the daughter of Too Meh & auntie of Dodo and Gen Thong. Before she was brought home, she was living and working in elephant camps, away from her family. Now that she resides at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary, she has finally been reunited with her mother and nephew and has the freedom to learn from her and walk through the forest as she pleases.

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Gen Thong

Gen Thong is our youngest elephant at 10 years old. When Gen Thong was young, he tragically lost his mother at the age of 2. His mother was chained to a tree below a wasp nest in a tourist camp. The wasp nest fell on her head and stung her many times. Gen Thong was with her, however he was able to run away from the wasps unharmed. His mother was not so lucky and sadly passed away due to the poisons of the wasp stings. After this horrific incident, he spent his days on tied up, being fed bananas by tourists and giving elephant rides. He has now returned to the forest where he lives out his days learning natural behaviours from his auntie, grandmother, brother and best friend Boon Rott. We couldn’t be more pleased to have him here at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary.

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Boon Rott

Boon Rott is an 16 year old male elephant, who had also lived his life in tourist camps giving rides and performing tricks. When he was born, he suffered from malnutrition as his mother was unable to produce enough milk. His mother had given birth a few times but Boon Rott was the first of her offspring to survive, due to the combination of her care and their hard working mahouts. The name “Boon Rott” translates to the “The Survivor” in Thai, and he truly is. He is now able to roam free in the forest, choosing when and how to interact.

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Dodo is a 16 year old male elephant who spent 10 years living in and out of tourist camps giving rides. Dodo was always known as an unpredictable elephant and due to this, he spent most of his life before KSES in confinement. He is the most recent elephant to join our herd in September 2018 after his owner approached us asking for help. Since joining our program, he has become a very calm and content elephant and is very happy to spend his days roaming the forests and socialising when he pleases. He is the brother of Gen Thong, nephew of Mae Doom and grandson of Too Meh..

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Sri Prai

Sri Prai is an 11 year old female elephant who was originally born in the logging industry. She was later rescued from this life, but taken into the tourist camps. When the pandemic of covid-19 began, tourism shut down in Thailand, forcing many elephants to return to their owner's home villages. Sri Prai was one of many elephants who returned to our area and began living with our herd. She formed a very strong bond with our elephant herd over these two years. When tourism started opening up again, her owner approached us to bring her into our project full-time as he didn't want her to return to work. Sri Prai has been with us since and enjoys spending her days socialising with as many elephants as possible and learning how to forage!

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Junior, born in June 2023, is the newest and youngest member of our herd! He is the son of Sri Prai and was born and is growing up in the forest, something which is very rare for elephants in Asia. He is slowly watching and learning from the other elephants about life in the forest and spends all day with his mother Sri Prai, following her up and down hills and learning what food is available!  

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