If you want to have a unique experience of hiking in the forest to find the elephants everyday and observe their natural behaviours in their home environment, then you have found the right place. Come and join us for the experience of a lifetime. Volunteers and visitors must be physically fit to hike everyday up and down mountains to get to the elephants. In our sanctuary, you can see exactly where your funds and going and how they are benefiting our sanctuary, our elephants and our community.

Volunteers and visitors are expected to wake up early in the morning and be prepared for a long hike into the forest. Hikes will usually return to the village around early afternoon but the day doesn’t end there. Volunteers and visitors will have the opportunity to participate in teaching English at the school, to the homestays and to the mahouts as well receiving education about elephants in Asia and learning the local tribal language and culture. We also have a number of add-ons you can choose such as relaxing with a thai massage or learning how to basket weave.

Volunteers and Visitors can stay with us for anything from 2 days to 2 months. Students who wish to carry out research for their studies are also welcome.


Gibbon Encounters:

Join us on our special add-on tour to delve deeper into the world of gibbons, while supporting local conservation efforts - a first of it's kind in Thailand! Traverse through lush forests alongside knowledgeable Karen guides who share their intimate understanding of gibbon behaviour and habitat and help us document the gibbon population in the area. Witness these majestic creatures in their natural environment, swinging gracefully through the canopy, and learn about the conservation challenges they face. By participating in this immersive experience, you not only contribute to the protection of gibbons and their habitat, but also empower the Karen community in sustainable ecotourism. Discover the magic of Gibbon Encounters and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Village & Accommodation

Our project is set amongst the rolling hills of Northern Thailand in a Karen Hill Tribe village. It is surrounded by forest that is perfect for our elephants to forage in.

The Karen Hill Tribe are originally from Myanmar but they migrated to Thailand during the civil wars many generations ago in search of a better life. Due to this they have their own language and culture, which volunteers will have the opportunity to learn and experience. They are keen weavers and are well known in Thailand for their elephant keeping. They make an income from their elephants and working the fields, mainly growing rice and corn using rotational slash and burn. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn more first hand about their culture and even help out with the community when required.

Our accommodation is very simple but comfortable. Volunteers and guests will be staying with a host family in a homestay where you will be provided with your own room that will consist of a mattress on the floor, a mosquito net and a bathroom with a cold shower (perfect for after a hike!). All homestays vary in shapes and sizes depending on the homestay allocated, some with squat toilets and some with western. Homestays will provide a Thai packed lunch and dinner in their home whereas a basic western breakfast will be provided at our communal base hut where our visitors/volunteers hang out during free time.

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