My best time with the Village Dogs

Teaching English to the Homestays!
January 13, 2023
Teaching English at the Nursery
February 8, 2023

By Mandi Rezabek – 4 weeks intern

Through my time at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary I had such an amazing time not only hiking to the wonderful elephants, but exploring village life as well. In the village there are many other animals including pigs, chickens, Buffalo, cows, cats, and my favorite, the dogs.

There are so many lovely and friendly dogs I was able to visit with each and every day and it filled me with joy! The best part was the few litters of puppies they had! There were some that were about 5 weeks old and some younger! I spent any day I could with them and enjoyed socializing them as they got older. At one point we got to feed the puppies when they started having solid food! At different points throughout the year there is a time where the puppies are vaccinated and spayed/neutered, and the dogs get a de-flea treatment! Each homestay has their different pets, and walking through the village was fun to be greeted by those family dogs. I will always enjoy that time with the dogs/puppies along with the elephant internship!






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