Our 2day/1night stay is now open for bookings!

Happy New Year!!
January 2, 2022
It’s our 6 year anniversary!
May 6, 2022

Our 2day/1night stay is now open for bookings!

Due to the pandemic and concerns about the spread of the virus from our very rural community, we have been closed for over 2 years now. This has had a huge impact on our work and staff team, often leaving us struggling to survive as our visitor program was our main source of income to provide for our elephants and staff.

We are now ready to begin the process of reopening, starting with our 2day/1night program. Due to limited resources, we are unable to offer any longer stays than this for the moment, so please have patience whilst we continue to try to rebuild and wait for further announcement on this later. However, this will pave the way for us fully reopening in the future.

If you are in Thailand, or planning a trip, get in touch to check our availability for our 2 day stay. We offer a completely natural experience for our guests, were our elephant’s welfare is our top priority, as well as a full immersion into Karen culture.

Come and see elephants just being elephants in their natural habitat! Find out more on the “Book a stay” page!

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