The Hikes to the Elephants – 3/07/19

Teaching at a Karen Hilltribe Village – 19/06/19
July 1, 2019
Elephants in their Natural Environment – 08/07/19
July 24, 2019

By Aricia Nisol – 2 week volunteer

Every morning, we leave the village at 8am to go see the elephants. Depending on the weather or how tired we can be, it can sometimes be difficult but it is so worth it. The nature is so beautiful and peaceful. There’s so many things to see: trees, forest, fields, insects and of course the elephants. So even if it’s hard the rewards are great and it feels good to be capable of doing it.

We never know how long it’s going to be or which elephants we’ll see it’s often a surprise, but always a good one. When we finally reach to them you forget all the sweat you’ve have. It’s amazing to see them close but in their natural environment and completely free. We stay about an hour and the half to take data’s about them and obviously great pictures. Seeing them interacting together and with their mahouts is really interesting.

It’s always hard when we have to leave. If it was only for me I could stay the whole day watching them. But there’s much to do in the village too. I enjoy when we eat lunch in the forest, we share our food and we always spend a good time with the team. Once back in the village the shower feels so good.


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