Planting the Rice Fields – 26/07/18

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April 16, 2019
Back to Work at KSES – 11/09/18
April 16, 2019

By The Freyssinge Family – 1 week volunteers

One morning we decided to help the people working in the rice field because it is rainy season, therefore planning season and there is a lot to do. By lucky chance the field was just 15 minutes walk from the village but we had to cross a large river to reach it. That was good fun. Once we got to the field, the villagers showed us the way to do it properly so we took off a shoes and we went to the field with the water about 30 cm deep. In fact we were walking in smooth mud.

The technique is not so difficult but after a while it becomes harder because the position is not comfortable for the back. Our productivity is not fantastic but as usual people were sympathic and smiley. Boys and girls, younger or older, have finally planted a dozen fields in the morning. It is nice to see because the people help each other to plant the rice in the field as it is the main food of their daily meal.

This is one example of the many opportunities you will have to immerse yourself in Karen culture at KSES. Such a great and unique experience.

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